Was Männern so gut mundet…

Zitronencreme, natürlich!

Dem Topflappen bin jetzt schon das gefühlte 10. Mal begegnet – irgendwann nehm ich ihn noch mit..

What men like the most…

Of course it’s a cream, made of citrons – if you believe this oven mitt!

I feel like it’s the 10th time I saw it in my favorite second-hand-shop… one day I have to buy it!

The recepy in english:

3 Eegg yolk, 125 gr. sugar, juice and grated paring of 2 citrons. Agitate it, until it gets foamy (can I say it like that??). Mix it gently with the foam of 3 egg white. Serve it in a glass bowl, and don’t forget to decorate it with little macaroons. Buon appetito!